How PERFECTSHIFT impacts and supports Magnet and Pathway to Excellence Designation

Embedded in the real world, implementation research is a powerful tool for capturing and analyzing information in real time, allowing for performance assessment and strengthening health systems. Implementation research is an integral part of the Magnet Recognition Program, which provides a roadmap to nursing excellence, and benefits the whole of an organization. Globally, PERFECTSHIFT’s platform […]

Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley Hospital Receives Leadership Excellence award

Stanford Health Care’s Tri-Valley Hospital is given an award by the Association of California Nurse Leaders (ACNL) for Leadership Excellence as a Group for operational improvements made during their implementation of PERFECTSHIFT In April 2022, Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley kicked off a mission to revamp and improve their staffing model, creating cooperation between the nursing […]

OHSU Hillsboro Medical Center Women’s and Children’s improves costs and improves staffing satisfaction with PERFECTSHIFT

GOAL •Improve patient care, service, response.  Reduce Costs. Eliminate diverting of patients OUTCOMES •A significant change in the tools and techniques for planning and assigning appropriate staff using real-time PERFECTSHIFT methodology, “…allowing us to reduce our costs, improve our ability to respond to census and acuity changes, and substantially reduce and eventually eliminate diverting patients.  […]

Redefining the New Normal with PERFECTSHIFT

Becker’s, among multiple sources, report growing financial stress across hospitals as the effects of the pandemic continue to redefine our delivery system. One of the clearest symptoms from the new normal is growing imbalance in the labor spend/costs from multiple directions: shift imbalances, skill mix, balance between cost centers, changes from inpatient to outpatient services, […]

Prioritizing Cost Savings before Improving Operations is Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Do you want to improve labor productivity and expense? Start by improving operations… and the savings will follow. Focusing on savings before operational improvement often leads to the opposite! Healthcare is about people taking care of people. The latest technology and machines don’t care for patients; people do! We may use technology and other tools […]

PERFECTSHIFT Recognized with Top 50 Healthcare Company Award

PERFECTSHIFT is a proud recipient of the IFAH Top 50 Healthcare Companies Award in recognition of Contribution to Healthcare! PERFECTSHIFT President Kevin Spellman was in attendance to accept the award at the IFAH Global Healthcare Conference, June 2021. “I was thrilled and honored to accept this award on behalf of PERFECTSHIFT for being recognized as […]