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At PERFECTSHIFT, we understand that healthcare organizations are facing unprecedented challenges. That’s why our innovative workforce management solution is designed to help you overcome these obstacles, streamline your processes, improve productivity, reduce costs and achieve your organizational goals.

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Discover the Future of Healthcare Workforce Management

What makes us and our solution different is our passion for people and making a positive impact in their lives. That’s why every implementation of our solution is customized to the unique needs of each hospital or clinical setting.

We help healthcare organizations improve efficiency and achieve operational excellence in 4 key areas:

Data Analytics

Harnessing the power of your data using our unique ability to integrate the data from disparate systems across your organization, our system provides you with the insights your organization needs to make informed decisions.

Workplace Transparency

Use of our cloud-based platform ensures that everyone stays on the same page.  All members of the leadership team have access to the  same information, presented in the same way in real time.

Performance Management

Using the principles of short-interval time management our tools support frontline staff and managers in understanding the impact of staffing decisions in real time and creates a cloud-based record of those decisions and the factors the decision maker considered. Our platform integrates data entered up to six times per day into a daily management tool that provides the manager to learn from yesterday to improve tomorrow’s performance.

Workflow Management

The integration of the data generated and used by all levels with the organization supports not only informed decision making from the front line to executive leaders, but it also identifies areas for improvement in both financial and quality arenas. Our platform of tools enables you to set goals, track progress and provide targeted feedback to help your team succeed.

Platform of Tools

Our comprehensive platform of tools is designed specifically for healthcare organizations of all sizes, providing you with the intelligence and coaching you need to manage your workforce more effectively.


Target Management

Make sure you’re applying the right resources in the right place at the right time. Our APEX tool provides an easy-to-use assessment and productivity target selection system that uses data from existing hospital information systems.


Biweekly Reporting

Sync your operations with finance using our biweekly scorecard that promotes accountability at all levels. Automated feeds for payroll and UOS data make your life easier.


Variance Management

Keep stakeholders accountable with our variance management tool. The complete performance variance management system allows users to submit budget variance action plans and collaborate with other leaders to ensure successful completion.


Concurrent Reporting

Get granular-level analytics with our concurrent reporting tool. You can track key information like sitter utilization by department, escalation summaries, staff orientation hours by department, and enhanced productivity reporting.


Position Management

Manage your workforce and improve your bench strength with our BENCH tool. It offers budget-driven position control at the cost center level, with vacancy and new position reviews based on objective performance data from our daily and biweekly reporting tools.


Daily Reporting

Track productivity at the cost center level throughout each day with our REALTIME tool. Record staffing, census, escalations, barriers, and other key information in real-time.


Metrics Hub

GLANCE provides a quick and easy way to access the most critical workforce management information about your organization, offering a snapshot of the most relevant data and insights. It automatically collects and presents quantitative and qualitative information that is actionable and tailored to each management level, operating division, and cost center, making it the perfect solution for organizations aiming to streamline communications and enhance operational performance.

At PERFECTSHIFT, we believe in the power of collaboration and continuous improvement. Our platform is designed to be flexible and customizable, enabling us to work closely with our clients and provide tailored solutions that align with their aggressive goals and objectives.

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