How PERFECTSHIFT impacts and supports Magnet and Pathway to Excellence Designation

Embedded in the real world, implementation research is a powerful tool for capturing and analyzing information in real time, allowing for performance assessment and strengthening health systems.

Implementation research is an integral part of the Magnet Recognition Program, which provides a roadmap to nursing excellence, and benefits the whole of an organization. Globally, PERFECTSHIFT’s platform of tools integrates seamlessly with that roadmap as it redesigns workflow, engaging front line leaders and empowering staff nurses with data-driven metrics. This allows bargaining units to be part of the process and satisfies union concerns regarding unsafe staffing. The platform analytics to stabilize the resources available for care has a positive impact on nurse satisfaction and patient satisfaction. Having consistent resource availability allows for consistent care processes which have a positive impact on nurse-sensitive indicators. 

In addition, the design and implementation of the PERFECTSHIFT platform can be used to fulfill specific requirements for ANCC Magnet or Pathway to Excellence designation.

PERFECTSHIFT supports the Magnet/Pathway to Excellence Journey


  • Leadership: Leaders (Charge Nurses, Manager, Directors, CNOs) facilitate collaborative decision making by taking staffing guidelines, historic data and the facility budget into account
  • Safety: Both patients and staff is prioritized through evidence-based staffing guidelines that include Nursing Sensitive Indicators (NSI) data
  • Well-Being: Staff are provided with support and resources (correct staffing guidelines) necessary to promote physical and mental health
  • Professional Development: Nurses are provided with mentoring, education and support


Transformational Leadership

  • TL3a – Director’s advocacy for resources to support an organizational goal
  • TL3b – Nurse manager’s advocacy for resources to support a unit goal
  • TL4 – CNO’s leadership that led to a strategic organizational goal
  • TL8 – Clinical nurse(s) used data to advocate for the acquisition of a resource in support of the care delivery system
  • TL9EOc – An improvement in patient care or the nurse practice environment associated with communication between the clinical nurse and a nurse manager

 Exemplary Professional Practice

  • Nurses are involved in staffing and scheduling based on established guidelines to ensure RN assignments meet the needs of the patient population
  • Nurses use trended data in the budgetary process with clinical nurse input to redistribute existing nursing resources or obtain additional nursing resources
  • EP9 – Clinical nurses collaborate with nursing director to address an identified unit-level staffing need

 New Knowledge, Innovation and Improvements

  • NK6EO – Improved outcome associated with clinical nurse involvement in the adoption of technology
  • NK7EO – Improved outcome associated with clinical nurse involvement with the design or redesign of workflow

PERFECTSHIFT’s comprehensive approach inspires cultural and behavioral change at every level by promoting transparency and engagement. The PERFECTSHIFT web-based platform of tools transforms data into actionable information. At the same time, our team provides at-the-elbow-support to design tools that meet the departments’ needs and work with them through the implementation process, integration of the information received and beyond.

Our implementation advisory team all have real-time/real-world hospital operations experience. They work directly with all levels of the organization, from the executive team to frontline staff, teaching them to use the information to achieve staffing efficiencies, increase staff satisfaction and meet financial targets. 

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