Ron Hughes

Senior Advisor

Ron Hughes has invested more than three decades working directly with frontline managers, directors, ambulatory clinic leadership, physicians, finance and C-Suite level leaders. Through his work developing and implementing analytic tools, metrics and reporting systems, along with significant teaching and coaching, Ron has improved operational effectiveness, the workplace environment and financial performance for a number of healthcare organizations across the country. As PERFECTSHIFT Senior Advisor and Management System Coordinator, Ron works with hospitals and health systems to introduce and implement PERFECTSHIFT’s cloud-based platform of tools. Ron connects with existing departmental content experts and works to create sustainable improvements in management processes and procedures.

Ron’s extensive expertise in education, coaching and training to support departmental frontline managers and directors as they learn and use the PERFECTSHIFT Management System enables new rapid improvement objectives to be achieved. The results – frontline managers and directors who are skilled in a higher level of communication, positively affecting change in the quality of service, creating a safe/stable/consistent workplace environment and supporting the financial bottom line of their organization.