Kevin Spellman

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Innovation Officer

Kevin Spellman is the original creator of the PERFECTSHIFT Platform. Kevin has directed the ongoing development of our technology products since 2016. The creation of the PERFECTSHIFT Platform of Tools transcends conventional spreadsheet tools, and is based on a proven methodology of management providing “real-time” operating detail and insight for front-line managers to ensure the cost-effective delivery of high-quality healthcare. PERFECTSHIFT automates key business processes, and pairs these with meaningful information that is delivered by the latest technology and analytic tools specifically designed for healthcare providers, ensuring that high-quality care and access can be delivered at the most reasonable cost.

Kevin was a Director at Huron Healthcare and an Associate Director in the Healthcare Practice of Navigant. He also served as the Vice President of Business Development and a Senior Project Leader for Cardinal Health, Inc., and co-founded the web application, a healthcare-only job portal in the state of Oregon. Kevin’s healthcare experience includes work within the provider and life science healthcare industry segments. He has worked extensively with large academic medical centers, mid-size and small community hospitals, physician practices, HMO’s, outpatient centers and biotech companies to help these organizations navigate change and improve performance.