Standardizing Processes for Optimal Workforce Management

Operationally, hospitals are incredibly complex and comprised of dozens of departments performing life-sustaining services that demand timely, inter-departmental coordination of care.

While each department needs its own standardized internal work processes to function optimally, there are also key processes that all departments must perform. These functional processes are repeated on regular frequencies and – in the absence of standards that all departments must use – leaders end up creating their own strategies, tactics and methods, causing ongoing inefficiency in many areas including:

  • Target Setting
  • Daily Performance Management
  • Budget Variance Management
  • Position Review and Approval
  • Open Shift Management
  • Productivity Reporting

If these enterprise-wide processes are not standardized and managed at the enterprise level, creative and talented department leaders will make up their own processes to fulfill any related requirements in the best cases. At worst, organizations don’t hold their leaders accountable for daily management of productivity within their departments, or even have formalized processes for management of budget variances or filling positions based on objective performance data.

The PERFECTSHIFT Platform of Tools is designed to support (or even create) key workforce management infrastructure to support the deployment of the right resources in the right place, and at the right time.


PERFECTSHIFT is the resulting product of Technology-enabled advisors using advisor-enabled technology. This technology has been developed and deployed by teams of individuals with decades of experience in hospital and ambulatory operations.

Are you longing for disciplined performance, with a Cadence of accountability? We can help!